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So the lesson here is get your agreements in writing!

5.1 Subject to occurrence of the completion/closing under this Agreement, the Purchasers(Indemnifying Persons), jointly and severally undertakes to indemnify and save the Sellers, Company and its directors, officers, servants, agents and employees (Indemnified Persons) harmless from and against all claims, liabilities, actions, proceedings, demands, losses, costs, taxes, damages and expenses whatsoever which may be brought against or suffered by

Capitalized cost reductions help reduce interest expenses from loan agreements.

Becoming the guarantor for a loan is a step that should not be taken lightly. Even if the borrower maintains payments, the guarantor may be prohibited from transferring assets or taking other financial actions without the consent of the lender. A personal guarantee form for loan is a document that enables a person, known as a guarantor, to take responsibility for a personal loan if its not paid back by a borrower. As a borrower, its pretty easy t

This Agreement is not assignable or transferable by the Client.

With the prevalence of cell phones, work is increasingly being conducted by and through text messages; for many people, this may even be their preferred form of communication! Texts can be used when setting up coffee or lunch meetings, hashing out details of a plan, checking in with your independent contractors to see if theyre available to help with a project quickly, arranging for a digital influencer on social media to promote your business an

They then take the extra precaution of signing a Contractual Will Agreement.

WHEREAS, Party 1 desires e.g. to retain the services of Party 2 in accordance (with)/in compliance (with)/in line (with)/in obedience (to)/in conformity with the terms and conditions of this Agreement; or c) Party 1 e.g. shall order and Party 2 shall undertake to fulfill the works at quality level. Herewith/Herein/At that/Thereat/Upon this/For this purpose/With that/Thereby/In this regard/To this end/In due respect Party 1 undertakes to make its

An entirely new agreement is clearly envisaged by paragraph 3.

The number on a noun is inflectional morphology. For most English nouns the inflectional morpheme for the plural is an s or es (e.g., books, cars, dishes) that gets added to the singular form of the noun, but there are also a few words with irregular plural morphemes. Some languages also have a special morpheme for the dual number, to indicate exactly two of something. Heres an example from Manam, one of the many languages spoken in Papua New Gui

There are several ways to challenge the validity of a prenuptial agreement.

It is a lot more convenient and economical to sell a used car to a private buyer rather than trading-in the car to a dealership. The seller will get a better price this way. In such case, the owner will be responsible for drafting his/her own purchase contract. This contract is called a Bill of Sale. It is a relatively simple document requiring very basic information about the vehicle purchase. Here are some useful steps for you to follow: Commer

In some cases, it becomes necessary to amend the separation agreement.

Counsel may agree also to work on a conditional basis but experts cannot do so. Usually we expect the client to pay for disbursements such as expert’s fees, court fees, etc., but again this can be discussed. Overall, when considering whether to enter a CFA, one has to strike a balance between what makes sense for us and the client, what the client can afford, and the need for the client to have a stake in the matter agreement. Company may c

As I discovered in Alaska, this agreement can make or break the experience.

Section 26 of the Indian Contract Act is a widely phrased provision with only one significant exception. It does not hold void any agreement made in restraint, partial or absolute, of the marriage of a minor. This exception is present as it is against public policy in general to marry a minor and by exercising restraint on such acts, the agreement restraining such marriages can be said to further public policy instead. A similar stance was also t

Many major Mexican banks have Master Guarantee Agreements.

Last week, on the final day of session in 2015, the Ohio Senate voted unanimously to pass HB 188, and then in a lightning-fast turnaround, just a couple hours later the Ohio House of Representatives quickly took up the bill, where members voted unanimously to concur with the bill and sent it to the desk of Governor John Kasich! We are awaiting its official delivery to the Governor’s desk, where he will then have 10 days to act on the bill.H

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